Experience the digital way of taking exams securely anytime, anywhere. Explore our features and see what makes us the best readiness assessment platform in the industry.

1. Register for Free
Subscribe to any test package of your choice.

2. Convenient Test Access
Take tests anytime, anywhere and on any device.

3. Analyse your Results
Analyse your results and identify scope for improvement.

4. Locate your level
Easily locate areas of strength and weaknesses with clear sectional analysis report.

5. Different Question Types
Supports Objective, Subjective, True/False and Fill in the Blanks question types.

6. In-depth Sectional Analysis
In-depth sectional analysis with reports export functionality.

7. Inbuilt Student Wallet
Specially designed e-wallet for students that enables them to purchase test packages.

8. Instructor Account
Instructor account for teachers to monitor overall performance of the students bit by bit.

9. Media Quiz Integration
Text, Audio and Video based questions are supported helping you deliver effective quizzes.

10. Instant Results + Solution
Students can check the results instantly or allow them to view it on approval at a later time.

11. Reports Export Feature
Keep your data secure. Export various reports as PDF with one click.

12. Boost Training Quality
Enhance training quality and help learners achieve maximum competency.

13. Inbuilt Secure Email System
Keep your learners up-to-date with our inbuilt email system. Let them not miss anything important.