Welcome to Grade Lister

Grade Lister is an online candidate readiness assessment tool as well as a preparation and practice platform that helps students enhance Aptitude and Technical skills. Grade Lister was established taking into consideration the need to aptly measure learners’ readiness to succeed in hiring. Using this platform, learners can minimize the difficulties they face while preparing effectively for exams.

Grade Lister enables schools and colleges to sign up for institutional accounts whereby students can register individual accounts to which the tests are delivered automatically. We design and deliver assessments modelled as per the latest pattern of any national or international recruitment tests.

We also aid institutions overcome the burden of the traditional way of conducting exams. Conduct any exam with ease, whether it be class tests, term or internal tests, model examinations or any general assessment. Save inventory costs and let faculty spend more time on training themselves productively. Choose us then sit back and relax while we design, execute and fetch the reports for you.

At Grade Lister, we don’t look at it as a business. We know that education is essential to eradicate poverty. We are in a nation where access to quality education is still a dream for many and to fulfill this dream, we are striving hard to provide best-in-class assessment service at a price that is affordable to all.

We have designed our concept and formulated our pricing keeping in mind the notion ‘education for all‘ and ‘accessibility to everyone.